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Application Steps

Understand the process for availing loan
01. Online Loan Application

Properly understand information & documents required to fill Loan application form (LAF) under the Scheme. Keep all the information & documents ready before you start the application process.

View/Download Application form
View/Download list of required documents

02.Application Screening by Ministry

After successful submission of application ministry will do initial screening of application based on AHIDF schemes guideline. If application is found eligible, then ministry will mark the same on portal.

03. Loan Approval by Lender

After application screening from ministry, lender will pick the LAF from portal. Then Lender will approve the loan after examining the project/documents submitted by applicant and completing their internal deligent process. Lender will upload sanction letter on the portal.

04. Approval of Interest Subvention by Ministry

Ministry will approve Interest subvention based on the sanction letter provided by lenders and ministry will mark approval of the same on portal.

05. Disbursement of Loan

After compliance of terms and conditions, mentioned in the sanction letter, lender will disburse the loan amount to the beneficiary. Further, lender will centrally make request to ministry for interest subvention.