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GUIDE FOR Statutory clearances


polygonThe eligible entities are required to obtain necessary clearances, permits and licenses whatsoever and wherever required for implementation of the intended project under the AHIDF. The requisite expenditure, in any involved for obtaining statutory clearances shall be met by the applicants/ beneficiaries.

polygonFor obtaining statutory clearances, the beneficiary may have to approach various department/ organizations in the state government. This may create unnecessary hurdle to the beneficiary. Therefore, the State animal husbandry department shall establish the single window for facilitating the necessary statutory clearances for the project and handhold the EEs to submit the project to the bank and the department of animal husbandry & dairying, ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying. An indicative list of statutory clearances required is as under:

Sr. No Name of Statute
01 Local Authority Clearances as per the State Requirements
02 No objection from the Land Authority on the lease hold or ownership of the land.
03 Consent to Establish (COE) and Consent to Operate(CO) from the State Pollution Control Board
04 Trade Licenses
05 Food Safety and Standard Authority of India
06 Water and Air Acts
07 State Electricity Board
08 MSME Registration (only for MSME companies)
09 Registration under Companies Act (only for companies)
10 Registration under Labour Act/ EPF Act
11 Any other Statutory clearances required from the respective state to establish dairy, meat processing and animal feed plant.